Notes on Feels and the Effect on a Thousand Bees by Reckon

Advanced Roman drones, the best of the bees this season

who speak ancient news in lecture halls

who speak food who eat bone and brain matter

bored with fancy empire jetset speak,

hooked on outdoor malls and roads riddled with sacrificial crosses,

boulevards and bowling lanes logo littered

subliminal superimposed media matter

Hiding behind colleges who taught no symbol 

Or secret language with X-ray pen

GRENDEL's thousands of mystical stamps 

each many steps ahead with its own puzzle or word game

and advice on how to bee or unbee alien verses, vampire zombie programs versus Feels

and the effect on a thousand bees.


GRENDEL the whole

world is like totally in

Love with you;

They are nothing if not rubber faint feigning

Re creation rituals renovating the words / images for reals---


Who buy their own meals

Who option empire

overstanding overstand engineered

In Overstanoverstand 

the true coveted gateway getaway of the season 

A weeklong trip to the Original 

Before The Knews coded It 


Notes on A Girl in a Bikini in Afternoon Light by Reckon

Wait she said wait while she considered the question Before it arrived Wait after all wait and you might discover, you just might find a feather pen A scroll or something brighter, a map you might decipher, you might ask, ask a way, you might admit you don't fucking know a thing, you don't know fuck all about life's questions mysteries dreams.   It's top secret,of course, but if you lean close she will whisper to you wait-lift your feather pen when I say when, go ahead and write it on my skin...

Accept No Substitutes, You by Reckon

cork rock

lozenge or cork rock, tonsils or cork rock

hermetically sealed in the basalt basement  

jarred, jugged, seeded  

black gold texas teased (IT)   

hooked on phonics remembering how to read

& move the sexy body in time (and out) 

mutations unhinged doors, voice box minds

unlocked miracles at all the weddbbings  

when all the gods were busy with traffic  

& just the right amount of static


(pioneer women get the picture

fuller across a long lush river fit to feed a wasteland  

the poets have been unleashed  

& they're very very dirty & clever indeed)


Notes on Corn Has Ears And Can Float by Reckon

I am looking for everyone discovering her hands and camera trying to overstand the in between  

that said they inhabit you - fossils - because you exist and blood floods the banks called boa

(and might like to swallow your entire body of land and soda)

You must feel, after all, this affordable new scene - best modern turn-on better than cash -

it's not what you might think, kitten - it's not the usual stuff and listen: it happens and you should too...everywhere the works promise fuel for the flame in the heart car nation

salvation, spiral tape loops every here where her radiates somehow once ignored, branching mingled tongue and groove to sawtooth, and groove to sawtooth to perfect circle

always looking for clues in tock shows, in the last lines of handwritten notes.

Here her pretty toenails feel more free and all the trees are dancing (!)

So don't stop sampling music cause words show off music with ease,

Embrace the american turntable on the jazz rise happy teeth

Notes on Dictionary Debris by Reckon

Buy media

perhaps yr right perhaps they won't remember

Buy sell no one's listening

syllables gestures groove lines littering

dictionary debris along all the paths doorways detours

daring clues devouring keys to so many houses  

ways in ways out (balances)

a cozy arrangement in the age of words, phrases

shifts in public taste and tolerance for overexposed faces

camouflaged imposter gods

sanities and crazies

beetlestilskin rumple juice is legion

and how art the duck and babies?

Notes on Since the Fakes in Audio Postcard by Reckon

Upon washing alfalfa's brain call the bored museum

Each silhouette in the Beads of Sweat installation you should carefully count

Onward, sense the negative space amongst the ritual objects  

Sense the space the positive parts the exorbitant costs

Truckloads of art heading to castle gates

Sense the fakes the posing potion's high

In audio postcard: camera is America without the eye

 -- dr o'dear

Notes on Superobeyonce by Reckon

oh no, b

another wannabe obi wan kenobe, kemosabe

ya heard right

left eye blind right eyed grape

hit the gas at the hot green light

ageless obscene obeyonce where the roads cross in the 

wilderness son, easy bodied beast vipers;

all I can smell is play money

half smoked cigarettes  

super obeyonce  

a must have add-on app, limited hangout players 

marketing brand new bottled fragrances, old favorites, new roots

top ten blondes

in leftover collage: looted paradise,

wolves in sheep satires

new beats, nude leaks exhausted disguises

Notes on Flo Going With by Reckon

This tastes really good, no matter the weather, resistance or flow going with

mysterious mastermind's metaphors practiced in space everywhere,

in scents wafting through places where poetry plays dirty and like I done said:

tastes good, especially compared to processed pop star foods,

iambic pentagram masters ping pong pulsing dynastic broods

bearing very good news all the while being smooth.

it's art everlasting inclined outside time

you can count on it and it's awfully funny and well written

if you've upgraded your eyesight and can listen

yule be rolling in the aisles, positively smitten,

gorgeous spread eagle grinning ear to ear posing for pinhole nudes with money making



(Notes on) Gold Boon and Her Unstoppable Dope by Reckon


Sugar in a space book makes a dazzling doorway,

Extra salt sequenced RNA in the the red hot DNA extra butter

makes a dazzling doorway to gold boon and her unstoppable dope parade


Sugar in a space book purring so tender tough, so sonic coming on with 

drug words rug burning in the anytime moonlight day broad lit 

sculpting diamonds in the shade pecan and pine parade at the fair Midway


There go all the rides and prizes...

that is to say, how poem cut a hole in time where we merge hand crafted,

veiled in underlined overarching over time oscillations  

body art buzzing magnets in the bag  


was the word  

pretty tough stuff

how poetry works a diamond

pretty touchy stuff

outta sight silent even better multi D sex telepathy 

handwritten verses born in a Deep South dream state  

or maybe wide awake


are you have you ever been? 

hear that earbell lobe  

overwritten elemental controls

hear that heavy metal song racing once more 

from the beginning right after yr eyes unfroze  


We awoke in Electra or Paris myth making legends

red hot and in tune  

Prime time women In Los Angeles growing Los Angeles making real dazzling doorways

jonesed for

by the royals and rejects, blue chips to collars, their super transfixed eyes mouths and ears

ignoring all the superSerious poets

Who are only joking

Writing about living in Los Angeles moaning

Growing Los Angeles wings

tasting the TV muse evermore electrified in this thing

this backward masking tv movie with angels in lingerie 


brands baring it all makin a buncha dazzling doorways  

harmonic balanced brains and booty, a direct line

To gold boon if you can sing too,

Sell everything

at the crosswalk for gold boon and Her 

Red hot donut-shaped something-or-others, big blimp masters

Peanut galaxy pimp mastered

But no one knows this?


(Nobody reported) no one noses or notices the distortion (send more)

Smell the coffee and bacons, American creature

The angles of words make many doors with nifty features

And look damn sexy doing it...

Notes on Bob Dylan's Jazz Bands by Reckon

Bob Dylan's jazz band plays music that would make even the biggest somebody change into more, and a large bunch of littlests at that

Get born

blow their horns in their Broadway bodies

Dream singing in way out sunglasses down Pendulum Road where he kissed the girl in the transparent clothes

It was legendary

She was a sweetheart from someplace where they plow and grow cool girls who hate fur coats

Girls who love Lucille Zora Neale & Rimbaud, strange sweethearts in the full color flesh world, sugar bones with unabashed unabated sunburnt backs dashing this way and that,

All along the hills they sing x-rated songs, forwardly flirty hot shots in sunglasses on the hillside,

Sex symbol scenes or Nimble Sweethearts growing warmer getting going as the sun dips down on the turn

She sears in

She starts purring

She sees us bashful things unlearning & sneezes 


Notes on Gin (Way More Fun) by Reckon


Jen inside on the inside jen

The engine is purring

Light bear or lizard thing


Shiny people in shades see further

In every direction

The hottest angels


On the catwalk closer to God's

Whatchamacallit unmentionables

Leading ultimately to secrets


Or at least one

And you're guaranteed the lips telling it

Will be fully insured


-- M-M-M-Monica in the engine room (Way more fun)