Bendy / by Reckon

remember - lend that root a lengthy review, and once in a while place an obnoxious bet on yourself, for your own good word on i see a photograph lending a look at me and you, Bendy, hanging out over obnoxious neighborhoods who are not romantic looking automatic acting the part: we are not only our masks, schisms, isms and sadistic sadisnt its. you don't remember that yet? raid senile melodies then, rewolf and repedal where words lead the way bury the whirlruts thirsty along the lengths of the roots, review the scenes a time or two between the other drugs and bet: usually they do when they do that anyhoo nowadays - it's like nike's in yr blood and it's never enough. Sad, isn't it?  You and me between the toxic title bouts speaking in seeds. Over there then rewolf word-in word-out drugs and melodies nestled romantic-like at your foot and we find a way out/in/you win. Chris Weige | Reckon | Austin, TX. | Share a key intuit