Notes on The Dimension of our deep-rooted desire that is richer and more expansively resonating / by Reckon

In a letter to the botanist:

art can reflect a genuine and considerable biological adaptation shaped by our


have been clouding the same unconscious audience — 

buttered by empty promises, simple desires delusions —

again and again to maintain the narrative

origins of species, origin as in 

genetic genesis

fossils of the kind

deeply seated in human nature,

attention rooted in the sense of aesthetic harmony — 

attention through these feelings longing — 

neurons and deepest nature attempt to make sense of the knee

jerk itself, spin doctors hammer it to get a rise.

The feelings are not only emotional beings but advertising

butter, a rigorous evolutionary experience of the emotion as mere use of signs,

So...Predictable reaction, re-enactment, limits in space for shelves to fit all sizes.