Notes for a report on the total behaviour of a skyscraper in the eye of a hurricane / by Reckon

The hottest records are warped while most of the rest are buried in the desert.

A working cadre of earth scientists and worldly magicians - armed with computers, think-screens, 32 Japanese cars, and top secret data - work together and compete to deride crucial system programs and factors to either “refresh” or “deplete” your memory.

The mystery is not in the advanced technological applications but rather in the crudeness of the phenomenon and the far-reaching influence and impact of these operations – on all sides.

To eyes filtering the spectrum,

This is a true portrait of a dramatic era.

It may well take decades to pore over these secret facts and comprehensive mathematical models.

To improve the equation and perfect peak tides there must exist long-term immediate insight and critical introspection, to be fair.

They forecast for the stage worldwide temperature change, even new starlight and infrared/ultraviolet waves. Waterways.

There are floods and other earth wobbles and tragedy.

Trade and commerce are hardly contingent on governmental meteorology or the content of the deep sea.

(This process took months to hide.)

Chris Weige | from The Richmond Review | Austin, TX.