Bug paw in the raw hand / by Reckon

bug paw in the raw hand

Outright that place goes yes

declares vitality achieved

the modern end as told through the human body

which fancies thinks and feels itself for the first time

the form of life’s story is offered and worth a bid -

how here born among the absurd where selfish death is inexplicable

look for it bear it in seasons what Man remembers

and further by it seeks new adventures

mythopoetic mentality, atomic people

and however formed the words will be modern matter

always shown increasing blood flow to the heart warming extremities

sure…and the Texans will take notes talking strange brew in rhythm

well chosen top of the line good stuff - that’s why we stay -

this is lux emerging from the crystal decanter n’

we have them curious looks - I’m living here now smoking — cheerfully smoking the next word out

drawing up a list for the street (it can hear)…there is a crowd outside who made up today a holiday

if you wanna bite of bright sunshine moonlight -

we’re supposed to

was told you might…look, this ain’t - I mean, you could leave

on the way outta sight…

Chris Weige | Texas | 2006 

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