Notes on Architectural Narcotics / by Reckon

Curious squares traverse the pyramid projects

Architectural narcotics ignite the harmonic graduates 

Wonder aloud

Who stipulates space

Who space stimulates

Mod frequencies on the world stage resonate

Singing for the surface eardrum opus

Accept no substitutes, You,

Fuller across a long river feeding a wasteland

along the altogether handsome sunrise salted and sheeped

Fuller make it loud lattice invade the matrices

It's poetry night, American tongues

My right hand is in yr hair fertilizing what we're all remembering,

what kind of plants what polished stones and scents,

taste of eden garden in the nude outstripping

The honeycomb autos the dangered electric vampires running alongside now 

And here told holding glorious invitations

To yr being born being broke 

They tried to rewrite it

But i knew they lied hon.