Notes on Eyelash Keys Nevertheless / by Reckon

Smashed ladies with the spicy breath slide into cozy booths red like the walls and ceiling like their lips  charmers of snakes and feelins and fisher kings hypnotized by sexy steak hot legs turned on by eyelash keys nevertheless in a hot pink dress interconnected cosmic stargazers, middle fingers to the whole fuckin room eyebrow raisers throughout illumined where the hexy hips danced out shadowy shifting shapes by the bonfire where quivering nostrils flared for gold mine mountain air in a luau counting clouds taking them slowly into your mouth working it without a censor...


Quivering eyebrow mountain

shadowy shapes from the fire, sexy steak

nostrils flare working spicy air cruise

Eyelash legs cosmic cloudy mouths

Without a censor  

hexy hips slide slowly into yr mouth

hot legs illumine gold mine room

charmers of snakes and feelings

working it until it blisters