Notes on Feels and the Effect on a Thousand Bees / by Reckon

Advanced Roman drones, the best of the bees this season

who speak ancient news in lecture halls

who speak food who eat bone and brain matter

bored with fancy empire jetset speak,

hooked on outdoor malls and roads riddled with sacrificial crosses,

boulevards and bowling lanes logo littered

subliminal superimposed media matter

Hiding behind colleges who taught no symbol 

Or secret language with X-ray pen

GRENDEL's thousands of mystical stamps 

each many steps ahead with its own puzzle or word game

and advice on how to bee or unbee alien verses, vampire zombie programs versus Feels

and the effect on a thousand bees.


GRENDEL the whole

world is like totally in

Love with you;

They are nothing if not rubber faint feigning

Re creation rituals renovating the words / images for reals---


Who buy their own meals

Who option empire

overstanding overstand engineered

In Overstanoverstand 

the true coveted gateway getaway of the season 

A weeklong trip to the Original 

Before The Knews coded It