Mags hearts peru / by Reckon

Mags was made and to him a statue they did dedicate

on a marbled checker floor in a building larger on the inside
than on the out, an always changing spaceway whose grand piano
wore beautiful top form teeth.

“I’m down with you in any language,” he liked to say.

Of course this was approved by the authors whose hostile guard and foreign diets alarmed everyone.

Mags knew all about tormented verbs and seismic everything, some Shambala widespread and moreover: petroleum and the African lineage, the anthropologist’s astonishing South that mystified
continually Oahu unified in the recognized Earth.

Genetic was his eyezenhower satellite
with Maya in Maya and sweet Iroquois in Iraq.
His voice drilled deeply these names and tales
of other voice box invasions by candlelight in Polynesia
(where he first read of the great American race)

Mags hearted Peru and all his LED encounters over immortal land-bridges
suspended under root and foot, written in the enlightened regions by the full population,
hydrides, high-rises, even long-sewn yarns living in lakes in painful-hard glassy-broken-vessel jars.


Chris Weige | Texas | Sagacity 08

Architecture For Humanity has launched a Peru Earthquake Reconstruction Appeal to raise funds for upcoming reconstruction efforts. While actual design and construction aid may not begin for a few months, AFH needs your donations today to help provide funds for long term rebuilding.