Notes on 33 For Your Key Ring by Reckon

You should know  

knowing you should know and already do

dawning, undarking on wise minds

disco foil, drugs, the cornerstone story. 

Action! Cut. 

The rock lava tunnels are superconductive, 

the streets alchemical recipes, 

encoded philo stone in the think tank drunk

on tectonic phonics and contact languages

overstood by earthworms in symbolist daydreams, 

entranced in fancy hues if you wait long enough  

your nose will sniff out the ruse, 

the masks drop everything and think.

Hear that heavy metal song racing, 

hear that earbell lobe overwriting Control,

Newspeak, DoubleThink, forked tongues drugging  

drinks, brainwashed by blacklight beasts...

Notes on Harmony Honey by Reckon

curtains slide double back

dimensional inter-light

opens electric luminous legs blessed between her


harmony honey

science courses physical fluid

silk such blouses

open seals and lift corresponding windows

dared open

dared noise, nature

energy being between temples with delicious.