The Universal Physical Response / by Reckon

+ Driving a car through heavy traffic has the effect of eliminating the pollen, thus providing crucial assistance in a child’s struggle with illness.

+ Sometimes the responses are very much exaggerated, and take infinitely varied forms.

+ For your reference, see Natural Habitat in the Age of the Biological Robot: The Effects of Previous Challenges to Health (From the Perspectives of Allergens and Bacteria) by Putnam and Rhora.

+ They may even discover pollen on the common radio.

+ Fever victims, for example, arbitrarily play mind games in dealing with the charts in medical waiting rooms and have been known to be financiers of the covert operation known only as Sweat.

+ - “…the color of the face. Every responding physician took turns influencing the emotional compartments of each patient on an individual basis. The gasps of horror, the panting of the conditioned crowd, the intensity of the effects roused conscious meanings from deep within even my very self, meanings previously assigned to only my nose, stomach, or urinary tract. The significance of this to the unconscious mind, and to war and all its tributaries, is enormous and viewed by a select few as perversely threatening.”

+ Working at a frustrating job, watching life from the inside of your body without knowing it. With some people the stress is over-rated.

+ Stuffed noses go their own way. The family quarrel has symbolic meaning in this situation only because it makes others resentful and often begs physical response. (Sometimes the pollen can be perceived as being the person. However, the whole person (both body and molded mind) figures into the actual evidentiary pollen count and consequent stress on the subject’s “life.”)

+ “Everyone here has recognized at least a handful of the patients. The upshot is that they’ll grow up to be real easy-going.”

+ Early childhood is only the beginning of a manufactured pattern of outside stimuli sent bent on wreaking havoc and programming brilliant minds to be clay targets for *demons in pinstripes.

* Sneeze if sufficient plant pollen or coin.

Chris Weige | TX | Share a key intuit | From The Richmond Review