Notes on Corn Has Ears And Can Float / by Reckon

I am looking for everyone discovering her hands and camera trying to overstand the in between  

that said they inhabit you - fossils - because you exist and blood floods the banks called boa

(and might like to swallow your entire body of land and soda)

You must feel, after all, this affordable new scene - best modern turn-on better than cash -

it's not what you might think, kitten - it's not the usual stuff and listen: it happens and you should too...everywhere the works promise fuel for the flame in the heart car nation

salvation, spiral tape loops every here where her radiates somehow once ignored, branching mingled tongue and groove to sawtooth, and groove to sawtooth to perfect circle

always looking for clues in tock shows, in the last lines of handwritten notes.

Here her pretty toenails feel more free and all the trees are dancing (!)

So don't stop sampling music cause words show off music with ease,

Embrace the american turntable on the jazz rise happy teeth