Notes on Birthmark Grip / by Reckon

Notes on Birthmark Grip

Acid horse rain tilts the face window

Acid tools away a sculptor's work

Is never done

The whole shapes reach across the rooms

In between spaces cut deeper

Lines into the imagined fables

Birthmark myths synch against leaning ships

Light perched atop tower planet

Crossed and stitched and starved

Supersurveilled and über wired vision sound

Unsettled juice gate cityscape sky stained brown

Neglected cirrus captioned proud for a world addicted to extinction

Sirius sugar sent spare change over the half century
Seen snow whited things along all the neck nape meadows
Poor math maps poor pundits perennial open mouthed taste stone, battery anode penny copper cottonmouth

Impeccable crossbow time erased

Lick rich nothing