Breton Remixed (moon ran door 1984) / by Reckon

<<On the road to San Romano (1948) (translated)>>>
The bread and wine in the evening
the adventure of space out or in
below above the loud poetry stations,
poetry Phillipine the flesh,
the poetry Sunday shouted
the Sunday tail snake
and dew in the papers in the desk
a candy sponge the thread of things
pools of memory with curls and crevices, sea shapes and sunbeam riverbanks
the open the in


cheekbone birdbaths on the checkerboard knees
bugle ear with the volcanic blood sparkling

pillows pretty eyebrows

go now through the midnight windows

float with the pretty bushes

woodwork through the silences

one message performs the star theater

young windows with sleep lean in

where water gets the stone

The on-on industry, the mechanism,
the prosperous symbols and gears, fire rings mysteryous sky strangely.
Disordered dimensions hide marvelous pages:

11 on horseback bend the earth
and another 11 whir through the window
footsteps glaze along delicate doors
to the ledge to watch the beautiful snow melt metallic mountain
where the worLd door lives behind a giant curtain and shopping mall fountain...