Paging Pagan Gap (just the notes, ma'am) / by Reckon


Last of the Mojicians?

Snort lines draw the short straw
Nurturing cobwebs with helium balloons populated pushing pollen
Never enough for no one hooked on it
Fake mad manufactured outrage
A performance for the Aegis

Like nobody fucking knows

A press stunt for Regis a noose event
About MJ's nose where the sphinx erodes

Like nobody, fucking nose

Motherfuckin Fidelio Castro, Nero the onerous rose
Ones and zeros up tornado alley nose

Mars rams Cairo in the reincarnation proper
Still everybody starstruck entranced by movie and magazine clips, starstruck in magazines makes and models, controversial comics, the gyrating king of Rock Pop and a pedophile pope, wind sore windsoreich

Cures for insomnia

And the poets were just going back and forth and they weren't even nude, it was hysterical,
Some of them had business cards and watches on their TV's.