Soulful Maze, Photocopy the Everything Range / by Reckon

Sensuous photogenic you,

am many roads in a minute are

riveting candelabras who hourglasses dared

to go electric

They cut iF with a million dollar knife but the uncomfortable cake left the showroom and exclusive shore-line retreats

half empty.

Yet in each margin horizon more

in so many clouds good rain or even re-runs.

Louder, chemicals see-sawed and status

decided the poor benefit lines (but words change).

To you with poetry re-paint the shh theater, take a big ol' breath in (real deep)

while a country-world detours but for one loud train full of

louder laughs and thicker voices (probably sunshine)...

Do doorways conceive you? 

Do you like them (_open or_closed)

who go to you its movie:

Louder, train.  I swear.

Chris Weige | Reckon | Austin, TX.