(Notes on) Gold Boon and Her Unstoppable Dope / by Reckon


Sugar in a space book makes a dazzling doorway,

Extra salt sequenced RNA in the the red hot DNA extra butter

makes a dazzling doorway to gold boon and her unstoppable dope parade


Sugar in a space book purring so tender tough, so sonic coming on with 

drug words rug burning in the anytime moonlight day broad lit 

sculpting diamonds in the shade pecan and pine parade at the fair Midway


There go all the rides and prizes...

that is to say, how poem cut a hole in time where we merge hand crafted,

veiled in underlined overarching over time oscillations  

body art buzzing magnets in the bag  


was the word  

pretty tough stuff

how poetry works a diamond

pretty touchy stuff

outta sight silent even better multi D sex telepathy 

handwritten verses born in a Deep South dream state  

or maybe wide awake


are you have you ever been? 

hear that earbell lobe  

overwritten elemental controls

hear that heavy metal song racing once more 

from the beginning right after yr eyes unfroze  


We awoke in Electra or Paris myth making legends

red hot and in tune  

Prime time women In Los Angeles growing Los Angeles making real dazzling doorways

jonesed for

by the royals and rejects, blue chips to collars, their super transfixed eyes mouths and ears

ignoring all the superSerious poets

Who are only joking

Writing about living in Los Angeles moaning

Growing Los Angeles wings

tasting the TV muse evermore electrified in this thing

this backward masking tv movie with angels in lingerie 


brands baring it all makin a buncha dazzling doorways  

harmonic balanced brains and booty, a direct line

To gold boon if you can sing too,

Sell everything

at the crosswalk for gold boon and Her 

Red hot donut-shaped something-or-others, big blimp masters

Peanut galaxy pimp mastered

But no one knows this?


(Nobody reported) no one noses or notices the distortion (send more)

Smell the coffee and bacons, American creature

The angles of words make many doors with nifty features

And look damn sexy doing it...