Notes on Said the Sexy Receptionist / by Reckon

Inevitably Robert Guillaume
Rat ping poles false prophets
Human bings, some things regrettable you'll know
It when you see it
It may be pre recorded audio, encoded verbal or visual signals in symbols half clothed
It may be hieroglyphic writing heating limestone
It may be derivatives short sold, pharmaceuticals, silver or gold, gas gas gas, untold treasure, space traders in a dozen modest dream house

Rad shit moved it

We will pre veil, to the human barnyard they tell
But who forgets a boy king playing charades?
It threads through seams the corner stoned story

It unplug thousands of drugs for dances and brother bloods and better chances to discern the good guts, Chief Philosopher Stoner.

It stars dancing Magic Jackson,
Magic fox magic cock johnson
Deep magic Chopra

Talk show royalty
Kapeed cobra
Magic rug on a magic ride

Or so it appeared all over
When in reality it was all that glitters is dope
All that intrigue and fear and, of course,
Ad rates for a show about a pedophile pope, obsidian satellites, tock show rhythms and fake Hollywood beards.

The king of pop is over
The counter drug rocks
Key next issues

These are the head lines
That are making the noose ahead
On the world ruse now