Serious Street Cred / by Reckon

Afloat an ecstatic whisper from long ago

Your feet feel the flood, the shaken sea: the embargo.

You are delicately unearthed and identified.

You and me tonight just the wild-mouth mystery

Drive with handsome signs n’ remote moon-eye;

We re-route the fisherman and grow windowed rooms

This side East where there are crevices and in those crevices

Clues: Wing, fin, or infinity? Will you and so-and-so do a guest spot?

You are so fast forward you knock a song off balance.

You become real by using your own face and kissing reverie.

You are the whole image bank.

A splash a drippy star Syrah

Cooking up the interstate doo-wop:

The storied buzz of our genitals,

Better elastic beats and bones;

A splash a drippy star Syrah

Memorizing hurried eyes and pulses:

Consummated charms and fevered flaws;

An erotic riot, no – even higher:

A Punany dream inspired.

So come on.

Chris Weige | Austin, TX.