Twice She Gave Them Salt to Calm Their Nerves / by Reckon

[nice legs can always sell a house]

No clue


enticing hands made her collage nice magic

cloudy creatures were licking spicy spines

twice she gave them salt to calm their nerves

she shared stories about her favorite chemicals

she taught them how to talk to birds


oh nice legs can always sell a house
her cool bare calf has some nerve
but nowhere near as much as her fleshy mouth
...going on about bedsheets and foundations



catch her hands walking along the lamp
licking her magic scissorlips smiling and
twice lighting fire to her tires

cool drool meat carefully cooking chemical nerves
wet smelling mouth on the magic lamp
perverse, went off with coffee


see carefully the fibres in the lamp nerve

see carefully a collage of hands spanking bare maria mouth
who tastes a little salt fruit fleshy, wet and always licking
where the raw flesh has fire fever

see the fibres in the lamp nerve

see carefully magic scissor meat hands feeling up perverse clouds on bedsheets making nice with her legs and feelings

(In bizdev)