Notes on The Wizard of Lozenges / by Reckon

"There won't be a charge but there will be a fee." - Brian S. Wah


Neandertal tongue at half past midnight, trick pricked all bridled on broken stars, stool rats and the aw shucks Sahara stocking acid rain lasers manufactured abroad by Lazarus Inc which may or may not be a front, a mirage, a casino, a fully functional bunker with two lane highways and traffic lights, the whole kitchen sync. 


Think about the words just for the hell of it the systems, a few forked tongues with misplaced ambitions, who said they shot blanks but we smell victims hooked on the broadcast mediums, swallowing sWords, spells baked by drones anchoring enterprises playing with erasers and a ton of young skin, emotional resonance

traded on the nose on the #NYSE for the wizard of lozenges

In: fighting over nothing  

in: a game no one wins