Notes on their afterglow / by Reckon

Fantastic otherworldly poses made of delicious living bodies. Strange rivers of close-up pictures of nature. Lovers report to the scene in the flesh everywhere exploiting their discoveries & trying on favors. Depth flourishing in salons & saloons. Surrealistic social types gathering light gear heading toward the park in the nude. Moody way the spells shadows cast, brooding buoyant nudes diffused, distorted, pieced back together in glue glued together gold.

Their afterglow swept through politics and the world everywhere revealed how they felt.

Far reaching innovations triumphed, equal to painting and sculpture, by common order uncommonly known insights

Sexual and social common methods, similar magic uncommonly vexing masters of erotic mysteries. Sorcery. Potions. Positions

(Had been laid

And on the way to the lobby)