A Few Feelings Were Decades Waiting for Daylight / by Reckon

We built this simple yet unexplainable abstract mechanism.  

We built this dandelion wire so complex it can't be told.  

It is ancient superfuture audiovisual.  

A play-by-play of the country, of city life, core, crust, and mantle.  

Here hard world between each word vaguely situated uneasy forms come into focus, and then easier energies fill the letters who make worlds and anthems retro-real & modern.  And then the once scary ones become sexy, the old junk becomes art.

Sense the space, the parts, the rooms chock full of ritual objects.  Real magic writ large with firewater and eye, writ large in keeping faithful in covering the grid and columns which are certainly cracked,

where on the inside some name or another is etched & from thin air always a spiral.

Pop culture is the good book gravitas, a metaphor collage in a stand-off production bearing super-sly titles, hiding whitewashed sarcophagi and dancing skulls full of flowers, conscious

beyond words comes the poetry human

Lusting twisting chanting,

floating a bit then pounding that fist into the ferociously complex ground.  Doesn't it turn you on something fierce, unruly as a god?  

Readers draw in poetry like the odd song that really gives you the shivers and goosebumps, and what language usually wants language usually gets.

One poetic reality inspires another to conceive and shift the poem because we tend toward wisdom and secrets, we lust and as readers get high on the music.  In imagined social poetry our moods and nature are enthusiastic because words are life.

It's the same old Soma, same-o what the elders told ya.  

The pulse takes the Neolithic receptors to India where revolution is more than a number.  And on the tea dawn acts like agriculture another pulse created.   Out high might highly reassess consciousness, fashions, knowledge kneeling with dawn under venerated verb, vine, organic herb and umbrella.

In brain as in India:  the is of agriculture, or curing of the states.  

A tranquilizer split in half for society's swerving nerves.  

Words on the make.  

On the make: words.  

Shiny begins to elaborate...