Sane Legends Golden Legions Silver Plumes / by Reckon

With every handshake soaking through

skulls boom by gambling birth right in the hopes that no one sees

the ounce of cobra venom and classwar everywhere memed:

Subliminal dialectic stew in secret doctrines, secret liens

in hypno-whispered mortgages masked as treaties indivisibly devised

on no-interest-low-interest loans (defaulted, seething)

Secret liens swallowing up retirements n'afta that secret liens damming up water to make it private;

better gut check that lavalamp, la la,

is is sending warning shots wandering past earok earaches and scams foreclosing korea;

Wall st. windfalls foreclosing the celestial bods being

all this time true touchstones at wholesale cost

according to chemicals in the rain or air in the uranium...

Chris Weige | Reckon | TX | Sagacity 2008