PIQUES (wet dream radio mouth) / by Reckon

PIQUES (wet dream radio mouth)

is a film covering every last thing in the big garden, re-programmed and ready to download?

get it.

liberation means one is thrust into a different paradigm, often seemingly contrary to the first...war is a social behaviour modification short-cut (they write about this),

makes us
new neighbors
with a punch to the gut.

predictive programming
is pretty easy.

oh they another
appear with fear in the drama,

they start winning the wars
playing both sides of course

oh they smother a million on horse & fix lotsa scores
& they own the mainstream noose who
reality made in a nice shade of fake
and fine-and-you?


amnesia haze
worked up by words
in terior space

a picture of her flickering:
sonic body babe in the sound aphrodisiac,
Bare feet tickling her organs & skinship
Stuck to blonde roots and dirty living, illusions,
television, tobacco, drug mule muse
running around on those beautiful ankles...