60 Cycle Hum / by Reckon

The linkage between doubts, or To Build a Living Creature, or What are the Exact Results Given the Dreams…hum ding hunting for principles the last ten years; found many a miracle took in fear hear lost a parent or phenomenon - have come cured, monk, a hard sell heartness when for some matter of time a tribe took a million steps inherited…intelligence was passed on in mysterious ways and many many split…a father implanted a garden, a yard, hundreds of rows of cotton in the ground, most detailed world…see what happened to the seeds and spring harbor songs - certainly off spring suddenly the mother’s womb and genes therefore lucky…chroma, the stuff mated in more ways than one which is the size of an orange observed on the wavelength of this message…the reader will observe the various stimuli generating energy endlessly at work like a sleepy magnetic string - say that

say that at a picnic while a cool scent divulges a certain recipe

say that with considerable poetic fertility

say that in whatever position however you look or seem or while painting nude the spare bedroom door

wander around the house shattering the oak floor

Chris Weige | California, TX. | Share a key intuit