The Things I Do For You / by Reckon

as we wake here

to the honey hands w/ the higher frequency meanings,

to the subvocal modifiers with all that newfangled lectricity

crawling inside the pipes and sea breezes

as we wake here wrapping our bodies around our lips,

unimpaired, unbridled, in season

all the can't blossoms come back as can uncategorized, debriefing

they do this over and over and over...i don't know why.

i don't know if they remember it and if they don't why not,

and if they do what then and what's your thought? where do you stand?

i don't know but i swallowed a dozen butterflies and bees, honey pot,

running around all day shooing them off

your snow white sandy beaches

and hollow tundra, and rain runoff,

running round running off phantoms holding jumping bean hearts

in their giant hands in their fancy sports cars and celebrity golf

Though not all I can surely say that some of them were rotten,

yet they were gorgeous and wore bikinis made of cotton.

the things i do for you...