Superflow and Six Trojan Horses on a High Wire (Le Penetrations) / by Reckon

Superfluous superflow & the masterfully cut post-punk professor. Super fucking flow easy enamel radio, amorous grading curves at the midterm kundalini release party. When the kundalini drops.

Puppetfucking 101. A chalkboard or an easel. Bring it.

Syllabus (overheard at marijuana crosswalk):

Notions Function, Voices Carry Syllables

Is that an American accent? Ha. He is a great actor...fuckin TV actor.

PBS show about birds, homely pigeons, and a televised parade hosted by Jon Lovitz & Jewel at the Bering Strait. Homing pidgens.

Six Trojan horses on a high wire (Le Penetrations)

A movie about a teller (called Teller)

A movie about a guy who fixes flats (called Flats)

Some goddamn delicious beef jerky from TX where it smells like rain but it's sunny (and very expensive)