Up Upping Scare Up the Beach / by Reckon

Crawl on up ascend me.

Emerge utterly, Love.

Revel in every ear ever raw ever loose,

The things the wobbly blows a prizefighter TKO.

Tip the cello.

Tip the erect bass.

Tip the blue skull of the sky out the window:

I am swimming in the flesh,

Over wild boomtowns and stunning rococo churches;

An unlimited field opens up like old timers untangling a rhyme.

Human joints re-invent the male and rock n’ roll in our time,

In our time, with the romance of the 20th Century flying by,

The beginning shedding leaves in a blowout, an evening feeding and whoop-dee-do-la. Lovey-dovey artsy-fartsy air-rush climb on up,

Savvy these birthmarks and underdeveloped photos of superstitions.

I love the inside beat and blossom by the freak tide pouring down my throat.

By the way, who is tending your beautiful blisters?

Scrubbing yr back with sound?

Chris Weige | California, TX. | Share a key intuit