Wild Horses of Fire: Fascist Groove Thang Exercise / by Reckon

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Fascist Groove Thang Exercise

any way you wish:

arise ears superpowered in position
somewhere out there is nowhere noise
secrets some where dense
some where know there are heads wearing foil
children playing with fire near the fence

Let it sync in a thousand times significant
though once apparently diminished
get used to it, adjust a turn of phrase

in the puzzle mind maze
where the haves are not surprised
and on only rare occasions act phased

okay okay open yr eyes
is what is, applesauce,
okay okay declassified

we creation's clock-wise consumers
turn our heads and pretend to study
while hypnotized pretending to drive

from one line stubborn to the next alongside
half asleep playing games, making random appearances
on the inside track to easy fame;

It breaks a certain mold when you're everywhere at once
and quick like a beast with yr bought and sold
but they keep playing dirty

with vast intelligence and means,
they do things I can't repeat
with words and hair (they are impossible madmen!)

it isn't enough to say they cheat
for what they compete is complex, high-end,
and who might you, listening like an ear, be?

go go raise your stop now, prove your groove and relate
on the steamy window your initials with an index finger date
or with shoeless sockless foot draw a smile as wide as your waist
with your naked big toe give it eyes, a nose, a face.

have you heard that funky fascist thang?
it's all over the news with old gimmicks and lame fakes
it's extremely watergate with vintage nudes

and people pretending to be cynics, experts in on the take.
history repeats this power in passing out the tricks or treats
it's extremely high tech and especially cool disguised

in good-time dancing, flying bird man flu, the latest fashions, expensive shoes.
so move your nearly fascist thang, history girl;
europe's in yr soul (let's go to war)

on sweat on fun on boredom.
we elect fascist reagans anyway, or so they say, reagents, and democrats who can't even dance
who have had no funky grab ass with the hot population

i move to shake the stuff, power across the landgod

don't fascist dance

don't fascist cake

still free

to tell it all between commercials...