It Will Float Just Deep Enough / by Reckon

+ To displace a pound of water look closely over the ocean floor today. Moreover, remove that old cork or block of wood. At this elevation you will not be swept up by water.

+ In the same way, do your origin or the origin of a close friend, neighbor, or lover.

+ There are two ways of investigating enormous masses of granite. (This is similar to the principle that enables us to answer why a cork floats.)

+ In the case of the continents it is the vague outlines of the structure of the Colossal Corks. (Granite is about gravity measurements – certain amounts of granite and idols lie.)

+ A block of wood, being heavier than a cork, reaches deep down to support the three subterranean levels untouched by laws above the ocean floor.

+ - The bodies are buoyant in the crust. It is possible to perceive material in which they are immersed. Sensitive instruments will detect the basement layer – also, their true make-up. (Both approaches will work.)

+ Indeed they have massive roots.

Chris Weige | from The Richmond Review '02 | Share a key intuit