Sweet Dairy Whey (be a pussycat be uh-huh brave) / by Reckon

Big Bhanji Bhang or Silo Sinsemilla;

Where did ‘Is’ begin?

The totality of the universe in its

Fundamental existence?

Likewise cell, likewise galaxy, the dimensional

Intersections of reality -

Vortex on vortex on vortex on end,

Internal coherence. Diatonic scales,

Cooking with gas on the orbit on the beam,

Seeds placing bets in stalls,

Climactic walks evoking tenderness in

Improvisational songs,

Like when you talk…

The ball, the bundle,

On the nose on the button on the bridge:

Phenomenal Hot Shot.

It’s a deal, me too, sure thing; I’ll drink to that,

I hear ya…

Like you say, “Groovy all the way gravy.”