On Gus and the Millennium LP (Notes on) / by Reckon

Soak oh unlock it universe
Explain the stoned sirens and expert radio guests
Blur verb age brrr when the church on ice put your throat
Tell it in branching mingled tongues
On streets snapped together on corners
With features that really set homosapiens apart

Fake loners and Lip men shooting stars in a DNA series on PBS.org:
"We just decided to go out and take a look, and just so happened to find new evidence hidden in interstellar space dirt.  It's a start."

Origin of life ingredients are discussed over dinner in the presence of a luminous and gracious book.

Genetic material migrating over oceans, through the integrated forest and cultures of fungus. 

Researchers line up to expose themselves to one another.  A select few have been to Goldilocks Deep Space, depending on where you stand.

This goes on for hours,
Dragging their multimillion dollar ideas across the length of the divided lands for further research,
Trading injectable drugs with suspicious looking zookeeper holding one too many syringes

Crossed toes and fingers, spectacular symbols on the agenda, sand shagging, frenetic intoxication, subdued electric Brits issuing feedback to the drones:

"Cover the book in a jacket.  Examine the strength of your youth.  Cover the characters all the way through.  Conjure feelings and erotic appetite complete with sneaky beats."

Essential changes course through.  Mutations.  Cosmic thumbs.  Which means post post modern performance art.  Melting bikinis in hot springs, the most provocative whispered things, trying on each ear for amusement.