He the lecturer, he the Glasgow guy / by Reckon

Playing the piano drunk while encouraging the ultra rich.

Ion 1934 ~ Dr. Ed Draw Wards was awarded a team of people well-fit, a hand fit with a well, and a plank from which many jumped, having lit their purses and suits afire. Evening gowns had already retired and adapted to higher altitudes. You too may have found yourself in a matinee picture show or lesser rib. The Lowlands, you notice, become much more fertile.

With his piano playing Dr. Wards attacked conspicuous childhood diseases. To acquire knowledge he shared his body with immigrant populations. Children began growing up without always being a body resembling a spine resembling ease. The doctor also discovered that Texas is the shape of advantage when the goin gets taut.

To this extent, Dr. Ed Draw Wards had defined a naturalized individual and collective genetic adaptation.

With strong sunshine, body heat, in one hand and out the other;

To La Paz in a few weeks; the natural resistance of a population climbs the peak ever-claimed because Heat is contagious.