Notes on Bob Dylan's Jazz Bands / by Reckon

Bob Dylan's jazz band plays music that would make even the biggest somebody change into more, and a large bunch of littlests at that

Get born

blow their horns in their Broadway bodies

Dream singing in way out sunglasses down Pendulum Road where he kissed the girl in the transparent clothes

It was legendary

She was a sweetheart from someplace where they plow and grow cool girls who hate fur coats

Girls who love Lucille Zora Neale & Rimbaud, strange sweethearts in the full color flesh world, sugar bones with unabashed unabated sunburnt backs dashing this way and that,

All along the hills they sing x-rated songs, forwardly flirty hot shots in sunglasses on the hillside,

Sex symbol scenes or Nimble Sweethearts growing warmer getting going as the sun dips down on the turn

She sears in

She starts purring

She sees us bashful things unlearning & sneezes