Her the Maze Wants Body / by Reckon

They say the Devil’s getting married in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We say, “The sun is shining and it’s raining at the same time!?”

An inspired calligrapher can create pages of buzz-saw, pick axe, marigold

or even strawberry jam using stick ink, quill, brush, oleander, mist, amaryllis,

hot spell blue norther - a big storm according to James Joyce (between you and me and the fence-post):


“So I will get to work & I will finish you off, question mark;

shaketh a shackle shaketh a spear, type talks and make characters,

exclamation marks to set you off; I will catch on latch onto the key boards,

hit my marks. Interrobang and shall not depart. I like this hullabaloo, brouhaha, hubbub. I like this outlandish Dino Martin Stego-TheSaurus so flush and popular. I recognize my body…desperately my breasts, my face my breasts all my smells my dirty depths…Hear my rain of orgasms, Addict; I am all you have left.”

Chris Weige | Austin, TX. | Share a key intuit