Notes on The Saucy Super Brain / by Reckon

The Saucy Super-Brain

The super brain is wrapped in a world of sound ((itmakesitsown)

bridges the subconscious with meditative brainwave tools and gorgeous Brigittes

Sometimes it is dark and secret change, older intelligence formulating future technological frequency waves.

Sometimes it is gargantuan light-life reprogramming the optimal eye and mental mindset like a lover or A SEXY spy.

Wherever we have been was dis-covered

and made change advance however cluttered, circumspect,

binaural, benign, besieged or perplexed,

However transformable and free

the wonders are of the self-built now in the super saw-see,

however go the signs, however lost or found we find

we get around, we get around down up out and in,


get get made gargantuan signs around

old super and the super saw-see

mental metaphysical intelligence

cellular memory in the sometimes superbrain

we go to town in waves

we have the mindset

we go to town where secrets

are discovered

and sometimes the wonders

of the whatever wherever now

however saucy or perplexed

advances in brain reprogramming F/X

makes its own future with transformable sound

waves w/ balances and checks.

spice flow pulse

oh bulbous booty belong