What Fate Sway ( Lake Epps ) / by Reckon

The recorded future story made some wonder, opening up like that;

Constant rock and only a handful were doing it. I was looking for a really hard edge, but the good news is I don’t know anything and found something better anyway.

Completely different: something that’s not been done. It took sticks and stones to roll and musicians like wild scientists sweating smoke. It’s not hip-hop; it’s not skate-what. It’s not another job or record con-tract.

All of a sudden, all of a sudden being born trying to overstand infinity.

And stood and sauntered across to record the atmosphere really. I was getting out there, Sway, in Africa; but I’m glad this whole incident is like a soap opera with dirty sex and dark, low points

…there were some doozies there between the cracks.

Come on, spill a drink on those two-hundred dollar jeans.

Everybody jones

She moans

the new multi-faceted telepathy.

But you go on; stay that way...