Waiting for the Paw to Move / by Reckon

Sea change stun the hooligan and wag the dirty sky

sea change skinny skeletons into giant diamonds

the strangest house and eye ear moonspear

pray metal minds dawning on history quests, cycles

see the miles and chainlink mankind

the atomic release unrivaled

an orgasm lullaby when tongue lung learn how to pray

something about age something ever-ever innovative

something about thought something more drifting off to sleep on unknown civilizations

who have come before Atman

who have been fans

who have been digging

metro delicate wind

the drum of air of heaven driving

through a heat-wave on a comet in a cotton field

one of these days real demigods one of these days

tangled up with the moon-stenciled-rocket i love you

solitary beside the dream by the dream finding everything means what? what? what?