Notes on Big Chief Tablet / by Reckon

To sneeze with toothpaste in yr mouth
Is a thing not good or
Is not a good thing,

(Is not cool),

And salt is good, bad, indifferent.

- Chron Kite

In Square Park holding up all the mouths
In the long global war on caricatures,
Spooky ghost characters, reptilian cyborgs
In the cinema, on the poor poor and the bored
Leafed clovers clearly
Everything is over control,

- Big Chief Tablet

Oh, serendipity. We get to travel all over the world on NBC's nickel, staying in hotels, hot tubs, bar light lit reading Gideon's Bible.

- the frequency, Dan, is CLINT.

CBS is coded bullshit

- is good, and says hello...I'll tell her you called

(Or pretended to)