There is more for even yesterday they made you think you we're captured or bored / by Reckon

Paramount the decoder, child

haboob, shamal, air energy atmosphere and brush

heroic fakes in a red carpet rush

So bipolar megawatt ideology, babe - bangin on the company stakes, the poem paramount -

the essence is change which is eye-stinging everywhere,

bangin on the used mood maze.

Paramount the merry maids and splintered sins to cool off melting ranges in the weather wild wind

n’ straightaway paramount the poem and porch, metropolitan citizens.

to sand they’re saying, bleed burger furler! bleed heavenly photocopy furler!

Paramount the radiotelemetric enchanter and heartbroke paramount pleas!

Paramount the hermes and paramount them hawaiian beats,

keys eyes alibaba ubermensch, wet dream doctors n’ everything ready to raise

music and wheat, poverty wages - a cozy texas arrangement.

Paramount the pastures good-natured, earthy presto fountain and long-range dew

light this rumination found hereafter in more hidden clues

like the soulful sublime saliva flirting with a waterfall who becomes a body safely through

the birth canal in stars.

You are such a fine and spacious heart

you are love secret sex god.

Chris Weige | TX | Sagacity