Please Come Supernaturally Loud / by Reckon

He Had Sweat and Bedpost Spasm

Cut-Up / Remix

inspired by Alchymical Romance by Lee Battersby

he had she

he had sweat and bedpost spasm

he had nostrils where they count most

she'd had he before she'd gone

entering the long orgasm

with a ripple of sensational ghosts

he moaned, then

his eyes crisscrossed

and his curls toed

she'd had him and he'd swung open


unexpectantly peering at the nothing weeds

and the nothing stars

into the dark warm mirrorheart

he paused to palm her burnished bronze

it was soft


Please Come Supernaturally Loud

Cut-Up / Remix

inspired by Alchymical Romance by Lee Battersby + AR baum-bastic mix by Matthew Lowe

please come supernaturally loud

please the animal be

put a finger on the skin

warm and sticky

then without a word

whirr and spark

oh god

oh god!


Superhuman Tongues with No Sense of Shame

Cut-Up / Remix

inspired by Alchymical Romance by Lee Battersby + AR Gender Exchange Remix by Sarah Xu

superhuman tongues with no sense of shame

decide to follow the headlights forever

they lick the slick oncoming lanes,

assorted bottles, rainbow dirt, cappuccino sugar cane

you've changed, one says to another

you don't any longer feel a thing

i'm sorry

drugs, clocks, blades or fluids caused it

or the empty nothing deadening everything it touched

today, however, the driveway doorway porch

has upon it a cardboard box which contains a lamp

or surely something better than money by much

a suntanned lamp held together with honey

a new wave hard-won torch or tether

an angel-winged tramp.


Reckon Remixes Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share alike 3.0

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