Chewing Hair / by Reckon

Whoa man dear me in back of garden kissing feet and

Tempting curve of shoulder, twirling locks round ear maps of this Priceless state and sugary face, photographing fingerprints away for frames and time travel, mood fires and dimpled thighs;

Whoa man in awe drawing hands toward break of breastbone, small of back, obscene freckled saviors, astounding calves taut in tip-toe

In focus - ants nibbling in slight rows go unnoticed.

Whoa man dear me bent knee kissing origin of heartbeat human, longing for rendition statue or amber, no end of breath near or faces fading away in arms of clouded acquaintance, but the ever-moment aroma and stir of soul, tulips shifting for rise of sun and track of bite

Chewing hair above forehead perspiring, marvelous belly perspiring, gold of innocent backs and deserted dirt road over guard of cedar and tin fence perspiring.

Whoa man dear me erased leaning back inhaling earth sheets in expanding chest, language gone underground seventh heaven bliss, no last words only lips to tease the sky in its chlorine dream breathing poetry off salty skin.

Chris Weige | Austin, TX. | Share a key intuit