Farm raised poet, producer, founder and curator of Reckon

Austin / West Texas


We have to raise the consciousness. The only way poets can change the world is to raise the consciousness of the general populace. - Lawrence Ferlinghetti


All the world's a stage. - Billy Shears

Mall / Media / Biotech / Hicks Advocate / Rural Renaissance 1995 - 2000 20th Century Fox, MTV Productions, Okie Road, Paramount, Other & Other, Simon, Scirex Corp, Sacred Cow Productions (Bill Hicks)


Dig-Factory 2000 - 2003 Arts advocacy and community organizing, non-profit local fundraising.  Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired, Brooke Elementary, The Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Leonard Peltier, and more.

Reckon 2003 + Here & Now Wordwide 

A poet's autobiography is his poetry.  Anything else is just a footnote.  - Yevgeny Yentushenko, The Sole Survivor, 1982

 Poems and artworks have appeared in the following: Austin Daze Magazine, Power of the Word UK, Pig-Pog,, Sacred Cow, Literary House, Excitement Machine, Cultural Review UK, The Shadow Show, Insane Online, Spiritual Awakenings Magazine,Spoken War, SnakeSkin UK, Poethia (Penn St.), Fluid Ink Press (Australia), MadDog Salon, The Literary Lion, Amp USA, KOOP Radio Austin, Free Radio Austin, Biff's Boards, The Alley, The Richmond Review (UK), The Radio Trip, Me Head, Xenith, Piece Magazine, The Pulchritudinous Review, W5RAN, and The Moose & Pussy, among others...Am I missing yours?

 When we put satellites around the planet Darwinian nature ended. The earth became an artform subject to the same programming as media networks and their environments. The entire evolutionary process shifted...from biology to technology. Evolution became not an involuntary response of organisms to new conditions but part of the consensus of human consciousness. - Marshall McLuhan


Civilization is entirely the product of phonetic literacy. As it dissolves with the electronic revolution, we rediscover a tribal integral awareness that manifests itself in a complete shift in our sensory lives....This new electronic environment itself constitutes an inner trip, collectively, without benefit of drugs. The impulse to use hallucinogens is a kind of empathy with the electronic environment. - Marshall McLuhan


Today, the thought of humankind is still enslaved by language. Letters follow letters, lined up like little soldiers in proper, sanctioned ranks. Words follow others linearly, the expression being one-dimensional. One is bound by 'chains of reasoning' that 'lead us' from thought to thought.


Some are so conditioned to the expression of thoughts in words that they confuse linguistic and symbolic mathematical manipulation with thought itself.



- Timothy Leary


A word on the Academies:  Poetry has been attacked by an ignorant and frightened bunch of boreswho don’t understand how it’s made, and the trouble with these creepsis that they wouldn’t know poetry if it came up and buggered them in broad daylight.

- Allen Ginsberg

Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history. - Plato, Ion